Cedko.com is currently focusing its efforts on creating its first iOS game app for the Christmas 2012 holidays, featuring it's main cartoon IP of four smartphone characters named Lphagirl, Qpete, Vsio and Emoti, simply called

Cedko.com proudly presents... A Christmas Gift of LQVE!

"Love is a game that two can play and both win" ~Eva Gabor. Tap away into the hearts (and minds!) of Eva Gabor, John Lennon, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare and many other famous celebrities to discover the meaning of love!

A Christmas Gift of LQVE features hours of unique gameplay, accompanied by our favorite Christmas melodies - now in modern genres such as Surf Guitar, Techno Trance, Hip Hop Gangsta and many more! Each level requires a quick mind and equally quick fingers to unlock the 'Gift of LQVE'. Once you receive the virtual gift, don't forget to share it with your family and loved ones. Christmas is the time for love and the love of giving, is it not? 

Master the game.   Receive the gift.   Fill the world with love!!!


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