who is cedko?

Cedko.com Sdn. Bhd. (624494-H) is an innovative Kuala Lumpur cartooning firm founded by Cedric Gan to specialize in protecting and moneti$ing Intellectual Properties (IP) which are created and owned by Malaysian cartoonists.

Cedric Gan was born in Kuala Lumpur. He worked in audit and accounting for 10+ years to polish his accounting and managerial skills and for the last 3 years, at a real estate investment firm to enhance his marketing and sales skills, with the aim of owning and managing a cartooning business.

Cedric is also an experienced event organizer, having organized more than thirty community service, training and social events during his younger days in Rotaract i.e. Rotary International's youth wing movement.
Over the last few years, Cedko.com has enhanced its cartooning skills through the process of trial & error, training and hard work and was rewarded in the following portfolio:

Shadows (a sustainability cartoonovel)
Melting Pot (a Malaysian anthology)
M'sian 24 Hour Comics Challenge 2006 (the collection)
Cedko Cartoonist Conference 2006
Sci-Fii&iFantasy Festival 2006-Comics Zone
Malaysian 24 Hour Comics 2006
Malaysian 24 Hour Comics Day 2007
Cartoons 4 The Blind.
MDeC’s 2007 IPCC grant for “The I’mPossibles!”
M'sian Nature Society's student publication 'Tapir'    
Cedko.com is currently focusing its efforts and resources on creating its first iOS game app (to be launched for Christmas 2012), featuring it's main cartoon IP simply called LQVE! i.e. 4 smartphone characters named  Lphagirl, Qpete, Vsio and Emoti.

cedko's contacts:   +6012 - 377 1916   /   cedko@cedko.com

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